Page 86 - Showers of Divine Grace
P. 86

 If we go on pursuing our practice of Sadhana without having the final aim in view, our position will be that of a traveller who travels on without any idea of a destination. The spiritual path can be discovered only when one keeps the destination ever in view.
Now what is it that keeps us firm on the path? Which is that power that pushes us onwards and helps and guides us through? It is our mind (manas) and mind alone, which is so often considered to be wicked and mean. Of course we ourselves have spoilt its habits by making it overactive, indecisive and vacillating; otherwise it is the best, the only and the most useful instrument in us which alone communicates to us the Divine commands and all the subtle experiences of higher planes. In its spoilt state it no doubt leads us to hallucinations which are most often misunderstood as stages of advancement. I have come across such miserable persons. And if, accidentally, one happens to be somewhat interested in spiritualism, the extent of its viciousness may be incalculable, since he begins to interpret them as communion with higher souls or gods and claims to be receiving divine commands.

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