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 But if the mind is brought to its purified state it can never mislead one in this way.
I may here give you my own discovery about the origin of the human mind. When the time of creation came, there was a stir in the region below the Centre which served as the basis of creation. It was then in its absolute state because it was the very next thing after God. The same thing appeared in man as mind, beyond which there is but God alone — The Centre, as I have put it in the “Efficacy of Raj Yoga”. Now imagine for a while how far, in its present state, the mind has been marred and spoilt. When it is again purified and brought to its original state it reveals only that which is right. Mind can, however, through Transmission, be brought to its original state all at once, if fortunately a Master of such high calibre can be found, and if the abhyasi too be capable of enduring the strong force of transmission.
I have touched on only a few essential points, and at every step I have emphasized the importance of Pranahuti or Transmission. The reason is that so far I have never come across a better or more effective way of progress. It is because the superior

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