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Message — 1963
I may today present before you some of the important features of our system known as the Natural Path of Realisation. The system runs along simplest and most natural lines which are easily adjustable to the ordinary routine of a worldly life. It admits none of the methods of rigid austerity, penance, or physical mortification undertaken with a view to effect the strangulation of the mind and the Indriyas. The ideology of Natural Path is so plain that often for this very reason it is not so well understood by people who are under the impression that Realisation is the most difficult job which requires persistent labour for lives and ages. It may however be difficult to those who proceed on, loaded with their own confused conceptions of Reality, and adopt complicated means for their achievement. As a matter of fact Reality, which one aspires for, is so simple that its very simplicity has become a veil to it. A simple thing can be achieved by simple means alone. Therefore, for the realisation of the simple, it is only the simplest means that can ensure success.

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