Page 91 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 It is quite easy to pick up a needle from the ground by means of your fingers, but if you apply a crane for the purpose, it may well nigh be impossible. Exactly the same is the case with Realisation. The confusing methods and complicated means advised for the Realisation of the simplest do not therefore serve the purpose. Rather, they keep one entangled in his self-created complexities all the life. As a matter of fact Realisation is neither a game of contest with the nerves and muscles, nor a physical pursuit involving austerity, penance or mortification. It is only the transformation of the inner being to its real nature. That is what Natural Path takes into account, ignoring all misplaced superfluities connected with it. The practices advised under the system are not merely formal and mechanical, related with the closing of eyes for meditation. They have a definite object, a purpose and an end. There are two aspects of it, the one being the abhyas, and the second the Master's support through Pranahuti or Yogic Transmission which accelerates the abhyasi's progress by removing complexities and obstructions on his path. Under the old ways of practice, it was
the abhyasi who had to struggle hard for removing 87

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