Page 93 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 the Master's power begins to flow into the abhyasi's heart, regulating the tendencies of his mind also. But, this does not refer to the old orthodox view about Gurudom. In our system we take it in the form of common brotherhood with a spirit of service and sacrifice. But then there is one difficulty. People are generally prone to be impressed by one who displays to them charming miracles. Though this capacity does develop automatically by the effect of practice, it can by no means be held as the criterion of Yoga siddhi. Besides, a true Raja yogi would never feel inclined towards it for the purpose of display. Miracles are however of two kinds, one of Divine Nature and the other of the material nature. The purpose of the former is always Godly, whereas that of the latter is worldly. The former type of miracles are awakened in him who proceeds by subtleness, and they solve the problem of life that confronts us. On the other hand those proceeding along with grossness develop miracles of the latter type which overburden the heart. If, however, one gets absorbed in the conditions of this lower attainment he, as a whole, becomes a knot, so to say, with a whirlpool inside for himself to be drowned
in. If that power is utilised on others they will also be

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