Page 94 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 dragged into the same whirlpool. In our Sanstha almost every one possesses this capacity, but the watchful eye of the master keeps it under control lest he might go astray on that account. He is not even aware of it, but it comes to pass through his medium when genuine need for it arises. For our spiritual help and support we therefore need as our master not one who displays wonderful miracles, or exhibits extraordinary feats of Asana or Pranayama, or delivers learned discourses on the philosophy of Maya, Jiva and Brahman, but one who can solve the practical difficulties, remove impediments from the path and help us along by his own inner power. If fortunately you happen to find one whose association promotes in you the feeling of peace and calmness, and the restlessness of mind seems to be silenced by his effect, you must understand that he has transcended the limit of senses and that he can be a fit person to help you in the solution of your problem of life by the exercise of his inner powers. By connecting yourself with him with love and devotion you also begin to transform accordingly.
The routine practice followed in our Sanstha is meditation on the heart. The same practice has

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