Page 96 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 Every saint has used the word Light for it and I too cannot avoid it, since that is the only expression best suited for the purpose. But that creates some complications, because when we talk of light the idea of luminosity becomes predominant, and we begin to take it as glittering. The real light carries with it no such sense and may be represented as ‘light without luminosity'. It refers to the very real substance or, more appropriately, the substance which is associated with neither light nor darkness but is beyond both.
Under our system of practice too, an abhyasi no doubt does see the light sometimes, but that is only in the beginning when matter comes into contact with energy. In other words it is a clue to show that energy has begun to work. Moreover light not being our goal, the vision of luminosity within or without is not an indication of the attainment of Realisation.
Under this system the dormant energies of the Centre and sub-centres are awakened so as to enable them to function properly. When the higher centres are awakened they begin to shed their effect upon the lower centres, and when they come into

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