Page 83 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
P. 83

because flying with both the wings is another concept, and when we talk about parallelism here we say that the line of divinity which goes and then the line of humanity goes. The line of humanity is parallel to the other. Parallels - are they real or are they illusion is another question which you people have to answer. They merge in infinite, they say. So what happens there? From my point of view parallelism is an illusion. You have got to have a belief that the Divine is along with you. The Divinity is in your heart and you are there also in the body, matter also is there. There is a parallelism in that sense of togetherness. Anyway, I leave it there.
“Once you have decided to attach yourself with a system, where regulation of mind is the responsibility of the Master, please give a fair trial, and have your own experience after sometime”. This is another most misunderstood sentence of the Master because regulation of mind is the responsibility of the Master, therefore, I go on flirting with my ideas of the basest thoughts that are available in this world. I would like to flirt with it. This is what has happened. People do not think that this is an assistance that is coming to you, when he says it is my responsibility you do your best and I will do the remaining things. He is only telling you that

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