Page 42 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
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Practice and Efficacy of Sri Ramchandra’s Rajayoga
the goal of yoga is, to see that happiness is spread and we are happy. As Rev. Babuji puts it in his Commandments, we should be in a position to mould our living so as to rouse a feeling of love and piety in others. We live in such a way so that others also feel love and piety towards God. Any other goal does not have any meaning at all for our life. The union with the Absolute does not have any meaning at all. The people of West who did not have the advantage of the spiritual culture of this land started interpreting this as pessimism. The people of our land are most optimistic. We are very courageous and tolerant, which tolerance and sacrifice has been interpreted as pessimism. It takes enormous courage to welcome an unknown guest taking him to be our God and treat him with utmost respect and share first with him whatever we have. We take our share only after he is satisfied.
Further we have enormous confidence that even if we commit a series of mistakes we are not condemned, and that we are going to have another chance to rectify. The natural order puts everything

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