Page 43 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
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The Practice of Sri Ramchandra’s Rajayoga and its Efficacy
in its proper place. The natural order is to share, sacrifice, live together, co-operate and tolerate. We are born into this order and we will live in this order. This is possible only when we feel the union. When we feel attached to something as our own and start having our own creation, there is a conflict between our creation and the God’s creation. They do not go together. He wants service and sacrifice whereas we tend to want possessiveness and selfishness. Please note that all the great Asuras who have been mentioned in our puranas knew enough about all our Gods. They were capable of making the Gods come to them and get boons which is not possible without having some merit in them. The problem they had was possessiveness. Possessiveness is the problem of a person who knows but does not yield. Instead of yielding he tries to possess. The problem here is that we tend to start feeling that we are the doer. “You are not the doer ‘God’ is the doer. You are but a nimmitta matra.” That is what Lord Krishna said in the Gita. If we are not going to yield to the Divine, Divinity will find its own means of getting things
done. Opportunities are always given for

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