Page 181 - Meditation – Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj
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to talk of conquering. This concept seems ridiculous to me and it should make no sense to anybody when we understand that he is himself a part of the nature. These people do not believe in living along with Nature, in sharing with it, in allowing it to do what is good for mankind. Such people assume an eternal existence for themselves and attempt to struggle with nature. One thing definite is that the moment you are born, death is there with you. Life is a continuous activity against this inevitable event and how best we can live depends upon the values we cherish and particularly an awareness of our temporary existence here. My point is why should we try to conquer Nature. Why can't we live with it, adjust with it and lead a balanced life. It is our greediness, envy and jealousy that come in our way of living according to Nature's dictum, these are our shortcomings "we are yet but slaves of our wishes putting bar to our advancement".
Who should help us out?
If only Duryodhana had surrendered to Krishna, the problem would have been solved. He thought he was going to solve it himself.
That is why Revered Babuji says, you pray. 181

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