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 Master's occasional comment on it may also offer sufficient proof of it. The Master frequently quoted from my diary during his talks with associates and quotations from it have already appeared in the book ‘Shri Ram Sandesh'. All these points together with my diary notes of the 15th August 1931 (the date of Master merging into infinity) offer clear indications of my present state which everyone is quite welcome to ascertain by any possible means.
But unfortunately some interested persons with their selfish motives are trying to blacken it by misrepresenting facts in numerous different ways. I therefore place before you the details of events related with it. My present state was exposed in the last week of April 1944, and direct communion with the Master was established. Accordingly on 4th May 1944•, I started working under his direct instructions of which there is a detailed record. From that day I went on transmitting to all his associates in general, trying to check in them the growth of misdirected emotions (described by the Master as the pinching pain of a boil) which they had misunderstood as a state of ecstasy. I went on with it for some time but
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