Page 9 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 begin to absorb brightness within them. His passage towards light thus becomes smoother and his own internal power begins to act for it. His problem is thus solved and he is saved from all adverse influences, imbibing only that which is to his advantage. Another remarkable thing, which if adopted will leave no stage uncrossed, is that one should try to copy Master's merging. I did the same and it helped me to attain my present state. May God grant you all the capacity for it.
One thing which I like to introduce in our Satsangh is that at 9.00 p.m. sharp every abhyasi, wherever he might happen to be at the time, should stop his work and meditate for 15 minutes, thinking that all brothers and sisters are being filled up with love and devotion and that real faith is growing stronger in them. It shall be of immense value to them, which their practical experience only shall reveal.
Happy be the time that brought forth the present day which promises fulfilment of the Master's Mission. Every one endeavours hard for it, but only he whom God ordains is successful. But what may be the Master's Mission and the purpose

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