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 at its back? The simple answer may be: When a Great Master leaves for the Brighter world, he usually appoints one of his initiated disciples as his representative to look to the betterment of his associates, for which he receives light direct from the Master himself. In fact his job is the hardest. He cannot move even an inch nor take a drop of water without the Master's permission. For even the slightest mistake, he becomes the target of the Master's great displeasure.
A controversial point arises as to why this declaration was not made by the Master during his life-time. The reason for that is already explained in the notes, which anybody can go through if he likes to do so. These together with other facts may be sufficient to satisfy the people. The events too are already throwing light on them, by themselves. Moreover it is not always essential for a Master to name his representative by the last moment of his physical existence and there are numerous instances of it. No further proof being necessary, I think what I have said above is all enough. Anyone who likes may try and test to judge things for himself. Besides this, my daily diary together with

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