Page 12 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 to my regret, I was afterwards ordered to stop, since the good results achieved thereby were attributed to the credit of others.
Dear Brethren! I have no personal motive in this matter nor do I have any desire for money or fame. All that I feel concerned with is that those connected with the Great Master be benefited and the Master's Mission be fulfilled. This shall be a source of satisfaction to us all.
You may also be surprised to note that the link of connections which existed so far is now no more, since it has been cut off under Divine directions, and another one has been established in its place which every one has necessarily to come up to.
It is therefore essential for you all to turn round — the sooner the better — towards this new link and offer me an opportunity to mend and correct your connections without which one shall remain deprived of the Master's infinite Grace.

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