Page 53 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 destroyed, their channel of wrong influence is cut off and we move to the proper level of spirituality. It becomes the duty of the master to regulate everything and to bring about the original state into us, so that we may begin to realise the awakenness of Divinity which first fell to our share.
How does the master proceed? He introduces in the abhyasi the Pure State of Divinity, which he is having because this is his work. For the sake of help and cooperation he prescribes certain methods. The best one is meditation and he helps abhyasi in it also. Meditation really means that the mind may be accustomed to the centre itself instead of wandering elsewhere. Meditation on heart is prescribed for that purpose. Why we meditate on heart is already written in the books, so I need not repeat it here.
The abhyasi meditates on the heart as I have already said, but there must be yielding attitude towards the master. If there is anything difficult in the path of righteousness, it is surrender, if taken up directly (that ensures the result). People usually surrender verbally alone by going to the temple and bowing to the idol. It is not surrender at all. Actually, it is a sort of state when one feels like a child going to the lap of his mother even if a tiger attacks him.

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