Page 55 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 acquire naturalness should be the main care of the abhyasi”. Surrender and cooperation are twin sisters.
The Abhyasi proceeds in two ways and both are necessary. By the effect of transmission and his own efforts. The light which the preceptor infuses travels to the different centres and a sort of vibration is felt by the abhyasi even at the higher points. The other thing which the preceptor does, is to start YATRA to the different regions and centres. There are very few persons who do the yatra by their own labour. In Sahaj Marg alone the method of training weaves all the requisites of spiritual fabric of the abhyasi, and so the preceptors have got very heavy work to do. I can say with authority, that without the help of the preceptors a man cannot cross the higher regions, because life has come from higher to the lower regions, in other words it is descending with its own force. Subtle force is very strong, and if an abhyasi tries to go further by his own effort, he is pushed down because he can not get at the subtle force. Up to certain centres an abhyasi can go in considerable time, but beyond that none can go by himself. The preceptor has the “knowledge of centres and the energy they contain, and he
exercises the divine power coming direct to him to

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