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 set everything right”. If an abhyasi proceeds with his own efforts, or if he neglects the master at a certain level, he forms a curvature and it itself becomes a knot, barring his further approach. It can be rectified only through the method of transmission.
The chief instrument of work for the preceptors is the WILL. Of course the methods are there which help the abhyasi to achieve quick and better results, and these I have already written for the preceptors. Now I have requested the preceptors of the mission to add their own experiences. The methods that preceptors follow for the abhyasis are meditation and prayers. The other necessary methods are resorted to by the preceptors themselves for the elevation of the abhyasis.
Why is Prayer necessary? It is because at the time of prayer we adopt supplicant mood and becomes very near to surrender. When we cannot do surrender easily, this is the method. Now other things follow. It often happens that a person occasionally, or as a habit, feels the charging of rage in the mind and he goes to the master who prescribes a certain method to eradicate it. My Revered Master has, in his notes, written that prescribing the method for certain mental ailments

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