Page 51 - Showers of Divine Grace
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Life is the awakening of the State of Being. When we brought in our share of the awakening state, every function of the material existence commenced. In the beginning, it was more in relation with Divinity from which life started. With the progress of life, actions continued having their effect according to their nature. Now we have lost our balanced character and have grown unbalanced.
Action is a very strong thing because it is connected with life. So its misuse has produced wrong effects and each centre has lost its originality and has begun to imbibe different effects, with the result that the whole frame of the body become a human factory and began to pour out, what we have collected so far. And this process continued for years. When the span of life ended we took another form with the accumulated effects of grossness we had formed. Thus we have been adding at each birth till we have become the actions themselves. Every centre of the nerves became a pole itself producing different climates and changes. We have formed the poles according to our actions and the repeated actions made the centre more strong. The outcome is that we remain embraced by the

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