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 Now, what is the way of doing it? What should a grown-up child do for himself, and how should he be helped to bring about the natural state which is divine? The child should mould himself in such a way that the formation of channels may be stopped. The people will generally prescribe the remedy, to give him proper understanding for it. Of course, it counts. But when the people themselves are suffering from the same malady they cannot cure him, unless the very understanding given to him has got the purity of thought, in other words his words are charged with the power of doing what he wants.
That is, first of all, the teacher should destroy the old edifice, then erect a new edifice without bricks and mortar. This is the help that the grown-up child should be given under such surroundings. Now comes the work of Sahaj Marg — as the preceptors do. The cells of the brain are the treasure house for each type of thinking and they have their nucleus in the middle. They draw the actual impressions formed in the centre, so that the channels or off- shoots working may not get the food for their growth. This is the natural effect when we touch the centre. After it, what have we to do? Channels are not there but some wetness is there because the water of thought has flown in for a certain length of time. For

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