Page 50 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 that, the remedy is the same. Instead of harmonising them, break up the channels and level the ground.
After this, something else happens. When these impressions enter the centre, they produce a sort of electricity to keep themselves up. Of course thought is there and the habit of welcoming such thoughts is also there, of which the child or the individual is the doer. Now, that welcoming attitude of the centre should also be destroyed. When it is done, all the walls of the palace get collapsed. Now comes the turn of Divinity because the ground is prepared for its working. When everything is destroyed, the people may think what will come after. Nothing but purity, which has been defined as Reality.
A new chapter opens now under Sahaj Marg and that is divinisation of the system to remove the devinisation of it. We have to work this thing on every centre of the Being. People will laugh at me if I say that work continues in every atom of the body. In brief, I have given the process we adopt and Sahaj Marg can alone claim to bring about such Personality.

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