Page 78 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 Judging it from the spiritual point of view I may say that it is yet only the fifth circle• we have covered, and eleven more remain still to be crossed. When we have crossed all the sixteen we step into the Central Region, as I have called it in my “Efficacy of Raj Yoga”. This approach had formerly been quite unattainable by embodied souls, but by virtue of our Master's wonderful discovery one can now attain that state while in the physical body. People may not be convinced of it but I shall say that the condition can be practically experienced if a person exerts himself for it, or if one gets a master of real calibre who, by means of transmission of the power of prana or spiritual energy, can give him a glimpse of it for a moment at least.
As regards bhakti, so far as my inner reading goes I can safely say that what people generally think to be bhakti is only flattery in the real sense. In fact real bhakti is widely different from flattery. It is simple attachment, strong and irrevocable attachment, to the Divine. There are, however, some
• * Diagram of the 23 circles facing page 18 of “Reality at Dawn” (5th edition).

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