Page 77 - Showers of Divine Grace
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 of living so as to make them agreeable to others, but it is something which covers the entire sphere of our mental and physical activities. In the opinion of our Revered Master, a person cannot be said to have even stepped into the field of spirituality, though he might have secured high attainments, if he lacks moderation in any respect. Moderation really means that we have entered the sphere where our restless tendencies have subsided to a great extent. Whatever remains of it then relates, however, to the condition of the region we are wandering in.
There are certain granthis or knots in all regions. When the current of Nature flowed down from the Origin to effect creation, the jerks created knots which became centres of power. In the course of our swimming up through these currents, the knots begin to get unfolded through the power of meditation, making our advance easier and more smooth. Further, we enter the region which is purer and where the effect of granthis is greatly reduced. In this way we go on stage by stage till we reach the point where maya becomes almost extinct. The greatest of sages normally have had their access only up to this extent. But much remains further still.

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