Page 26 - Bodhayanti Parasparam Vol 9
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develop the renunciation because it is a matter of gift from the divine. Gift from the divine is the diversion of the flow. It is your duty, once that flow is diverted, to stick on to that. It is a relay race, you have got to take the relay and then move on. If you miss the relay you wait for the next time. Any doubts please raise because it is Bodhyanti Parasparam for us. I am a sadhaka and I continue to be a sadhaka forever because I know what is the problem here. If you ask me how do you know, because I was also one. I also thought this will come but after sometime when I thought it has not come, I did not want to throw the blame on the system, but I thought about it and perhaps I am the person to be blamed. Every one of us know that we have not got certain things but then we would like to throw it on the inefficiency of the system itself rather than understand that there are lapses on our part. That is all the meaning of a person who shares. If we cannot be frank with each other I don’t think we can have any Bodhayanti at all, Parasparam it will not happen. I can always give a lecture, people have given lectures and it has not helped anybody. We must share, we must understand that the other man has also gone through the same process, then you would like to go and talk to him but then if you want to always suffer
in sloth nobody is going to help you. Come out of 14

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