Page 77 - Efficacy of Raja Yoga
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The Practice of Sri Ramchandra’s Rajayoga and its Efficacy
However, he demands that Moha (lust or infatuation), Lobha (greed) and Ahankar (Egoism) are to be tackled by the individual himself through self-restraint or other methods. To achieve this he has suggested the Ten Commandments to be followed. They are necessary if one wants to lead a balanced existence. As for Ahankar, he says that so long an individual is capable and says he is capable, there is no Ahankar. He gives the example of a person who is a Ph. D. and says he is one, there is no Ahankar but if he is not and says he is one such then that is Ahankar. Thus we find a totally different meaning given to this much-dreaded term in traditional methods. More than that, we see through his example that Lie or Falsehood is the product of this Ahankar. So long as a person is bound to truth without giving unwarranted exemptions under which falsehood can be uttered, one can be sure that he is not in the clutches of Ahankar.
The practice of the Commandments given by him appear to be easy for the beginner but as he starts practicing it becomes clear to him all these are

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