The Effect due to Influx of Pranahuti

Transformation of Man

We are told by our Masters that there is an influx of the Divine Mind at the time of introduction which goes on transforming us. To quote Dr. K.C.Varadachari "....we are working with the greatest and most sovereign principle in creation - the Divine Mind which has been brought down, thanks to the efforts of Revered Babuji, in such a way that it can be given or administered into almost every body, whatever the status of his evolution in any other system or in any walk of life. We are expected to train ourselves as house holders, not as renouncers". We are told that "We start with Yoga, we culminate in identity, in union.... we start with it. We grow more and more with it. All the sadhanas become natural to us........An omniscient, omnipotent force such as the Prana of the Divine, the Supreme mind, the Supreme thought, when it enters into our whole being, every one of the several parts of our body and mind get new force, new direction. They become truthful. They yearn for the infinite Brahman. They neither steal nor rob, nor cause injury. Their cleanliness is natural to them. Their devotion to Reality is perfect. And God almost dwells in them, because they are surrendered willingly, freely to be moulded by the Divine light and the Divine force." It is true that in many of our associates we observe slow and imperceptible change and they are able to practice without effort and strain the great virtues of speaking truth, being kind to all, being able to love God and Godly things, are devoted and committed to help others with Karuna and Maitri and practice Brahmacharya. They seem to have all the controls of the body and mind. How great it would be, that it is so with all of us?

Bodhayanti Parasparam Volume II - Page 171

Pranahuti can enhance Divine resource

If an individual is seeking spirituality proper, it doesn't matter which path he takes, as the Divine being Just always shows him the true path when the time is ripe. When we have sound health and good wealth or we do not, it is due to our past actions only or Karma only either in this life or earlier. To find reasons outside ourselves for such money/ health and attributing it to a particular spiritual path would be self defeating logic. Under such logic, if we follow a new spiritual path and lose money, we will think this must be the wrong path because the god or universe or whatever we are calling spiritual is now punishing us. If we get sick, we would tend to think it is due to the path we are getting some kind of punishment. It appears then that the love of God is not universal but is conditional to the belief system we have.

What is being missed in all of this is the simple fact that there are many people who have no interest at all in spirituality and these people make millions and are of sound health. Some of these people are many times unfair, unjust and quite often very ruthless and cruel. If attribute the wealth/ health of a person to a Divine agency one might as well have to answer whether the Just God is rewarding them for all their characteristics and accomplishments?

The fact is that there has to be resources available by way of past or present Karma to harvest and take advantage of to prosper. No past or acquired resources through Karma lead to any prosperity. It does not matter what we believe now. What we believe now and practice has implications for the future and in the making of ourselves in this life. We cannot change any ones' destiny for the better, but persistent purification in the thought of the Master/ Divine we can to some extent reduce the suffering due to our past actions. The life that shines in the eyes of the suffering arises from the same source as ours, and we are no better than they for having access to resources and the ability to harvest those resources. It is the spiritual resource that is widely available as the grace of the Master through Pranahuti that can enhance our Divine resource and by mutual cooperation and sharing make this world a Kingdom of God. The actual material wealth and robust health is not due to any Divine resource but is essentially due to our past Karmas getting reflected in us as biological advantage in our endowment of animal resource and with an additional environmental advantage the endowment of human resource. This is the natural way and there is no other way of manifesting the resources in our lives and we would be only fooling ourselves if we think that through the spiritual power of some one we can get manifested what we desire.

Bodhayanti Parasparam Volume IV - Page No.66

The catalytic role of Pranahuti: For individuals to have the taste of Primal Consciousness.

It has become a fashion with all to use the word "Consciousness" in such endeavors they claim to be spiritual in nature. But the direct, unmediated excursions into the Primal Consciousness are made possible only through the process of Pranahuti. We feel and that we have proved with data published already in "Imperience" that our Masters method is developed in such a way as to facilitate a fusion of the individual and Universal Consciousness. Based on our own personal experience we claim that our work really delivers the desired results to all serious aspirants. Pranahuti is meant for enabling us to understand meaning in our daily living. 

When that Universal consciousness that we experience percolates into our ordinary human person we literally feel our ground reality and start being what we are in essence. We start accepting our human person in the context of Universal consciousness and become aware of our positive and negative traits of being which we know cannot be modified beyond a measure. This is what I prefer to call realisation of our self. Interestingly we find this truthful understanding of our nature leading to our becoming more and more acceptable to others and we have firmed up our position as a human person. Love as a bond gets established between us and others and the ground is prepared for co-operative existence. The catalytic role of Pranahuti gains better footing in our psyche and we tend to seek the company of co travellers and guides in the path. We become more and more conscious of the dark patches getting sewn well. The very relationships we established earlier and which we thought were becoming burden some now starts giving a new fragrance of oneness of being. The influx reveals in serious aspirants a capacity to relax more and more deeply even in areas that are wounded and bleeding. The confidence that gets unleashed due to the awareness of our being part of the Universal consciousness which has no gaps and seams liberates us from fear of bondage and we find in the relationships, our freedom. We gain liberation in bondage and not out of bondage if I may put it so. We get more positively speaking not freedom but an independence that is colored with responsibility to maintain an increasingly integrated and awakened daily life.


Bodhayanti Parasparam Volume III - page 68

A State of Void/Nothingness: Experiences of Pranahuti

During meditation when Pranahuti is getting absorbed and the emptiness is getting filled there comes a stage when all thoughts are gone but awareness pure and simple stays. There I have invariably found a stillness that is remembered as a slight jolt. The ripples observed around the 'eye' of stillness leaves me dumb and awe stuck. Here on recall it is found the mind stopped functioning and with it are gone all ideas and beliefs, notions and aspirations; all mind stuff gone. The awareness of self is totally destroyed. Then emerges the clarity of vision. This kind of clarity is however temporary and we land back in the plane of individual identity patching up the damaged belief systems. This results in seeking for that state where the mind stuff is all but gone. This is the cause of restlessness even after vision of the absolute state. Repeatedly the vision is sought so that the belief systems assiduously developed and owned are given up in the void of being. This is a painful process of annihilation of the creations of the self. The great Master Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj blesses us as often as we seek such a state of void and vision of the absolute so that we move into the realms of the Divine where no individuality breathes. That is his love and blessings. 

He has given us a path which takes us directly to this awareness of nothingness and to assist us has given us also many individuals who can put that mind in check and give us a taste of some moments without the mind. Those moments I prefer to call His grace.

Bodhayanti Parasparam Volume III - Page No.132

"Profound, Sacred, Wondrous" experience indicate the intimations of the nearness of the Divinity."

When the individual withdraws his attention from all outward events and engages himself in meditation with total earnestness and deep love for the Master there comes an experience, expressed in words, as profound, sacred and wondrous. This is how I would like to put our experience with the Ultimate, which we have every time when we get in touch with it through the process of Pranahuti, and absorbency we get. The Master said, "In our system this stage is often attained by an Abhyasi. It offers him pleasure and he begins to appreciate it. It helps his entry into the above mentioned circle where he begins to have an experience of the calmness of mind." He in his book "Towards Infinity" stated," the blissful state brought about by it, tempts our heart to go ahead and our touch with it offers inducement to enter into the next stage."

They are very profound moments of our life. They are not only intimations of the nearness of the Divinity but they also motivate us to tread the path firmly and with conviction. It is because we have understood the profoundness of that moment of experience in our hearts; we have the courage to tell others. And it is sacred, because we are in the company of Divinity, and it is wondrous, we really don't know why so much Grace comes to us. This engulfs us, naturally and takes a total hold of us as if we are possessed. Many of our abhyasis have been telling that "We are almost possessed; we can't afford to leave sadhana". They say, "To meditation I must go, I must run to be on time". We are restless to go for meditation; we leave several things for its sake. The possibility of this experience constitutes the most conclusive proof of the nearness and call of Divinity. If at all anyone wants to know whether Divinity exists, it is in these profound moments one can know the sacred and the wondrous company of Divinity. I know those who practice PAM have the courage to say this.

Imperience Beckons (Second Edition - 2005) - Page No.66

"How does receptivity to Pranahuti increases?"

The Commandments of our Master is a prescription for development of sensitivity. This is how I understand them. As we start complying with these simple and yet profound methods, dedicating our individual self to the Universal consciousness, our receptivity to Pranahuti increases. We then start noticing an increasingly supportive and sustaining intuition of our non personal and Universal nature.

Bodhayanti Parasparam Volume III - Page No.68