Divine Will

For everything that is asked to be done by the aspirant or the trainer, I find the general approach is 'that by the grace of Master the task will be done.' This is the real attitude provided the individual also Wills for performing the act and does in fact Act as he should. To think that one's weak Will, will be strengthened by the Masters Will is not the correct position. The intention of the Divine is universal and beyond time and space. It is always there to support a good cause. It backs up every good intention of any individual. Thus the Divine intention has a direction, a focus and a force - the fountain is always there. There is no gain saying to state the individual will is backed by Masters Will to avoid one's responsibility. This no one can do without compromising on the quality of transmission and one's dedication to the divine service. We stand on our feet and to state that the mother Earth enables us to stand makes as much sense as to say we have the divine backing. We are divine by birth and right and when our Will is divine in its nature it is truism to say that it is backed by the Divine will.

Master has asserted that the power of transmission or Pranahuti is a yogic attainment of a very high order which a yogi can infuse by his own Will force, the yogic energy of godly effulgence within anyone and remove anything unwanted in him or detrimental to his spiritual progress. It is obvious that there is need to develop one's own Will for offering Pranahuti. The attitude of some that it emanates from the blue skies or other sources is not correct. That the individual can develop this kind of Will only when he owns up the conditions in Brahmand is a matter that is well understood by all discerning aspirants.

Such can be the possibility only when one assiduously practices the system with an absolute Will to the reach the goal.

Bodhayanti Parasparam Volume III - Page No. 331

The qualities of Divine Will are some of the most powerful forces in the universe. These forces cannot be used by any one without actually being prepared for using them. In our system those who are stabilized in Brahmand mandal have such capacity. At no stage the individual aspirant in the path has any direct knowledge of the same in as much as the pind mind cannot grasp the same. Some arm chair philosophers think they can consciously draw the divine will and improve their quality of life. Such are asuric souls. It is true however such an alignment assists us in participating with Divine Plan and the higher purpose of our life.


When an evolved person aligns with Divine Will he feels that the quality of his vision (sensitivity) has improved. We find our depth of intuition has increased. We feel we are released from limitations, and our spirit liberated from the bonds and we find ourselves enabled to do creative work all at the behest of the Divine Master. As you we live in the consciousness of the Divine Will we become more conscious of our higher path and of those activities that fulfill the meaning of our life in this earth. As we live in the Divine Will more and more we become more conscious of the plan of humanity and its higher purpose, the Masters and Enlightened Ones, and the larger whole of which we are a part.


When we are well aligned with the Divine Will we get certain capacities that are put into action. We first of all become capable of being permitted to do Masters work that is the capacity to Transmit.


  • Transmitting the Divine Will is the initial way of participating with the divine work. These persons can receive and transmit Divine Will to any area of life as per the divine injunctions. It should be clear to us that the Divine Will is not about reaching a goal or fulfilling the need to achieve by sheer force or determination. Divine Will is a powerful force of pure spiritual energy that comes from the Master. It creates an enormous infusion of spiritual energy into our life that awakens new consciousness and realizations. As we work with Divine Will we are strengthening our personal will, setting our intention, and aligning with our individual will. Divine Will infuses our personality with new skills and more power to carry out our spiritual goals and purposes. Working in this way we can create profound and wonderful changes in our life.

  • Transcending: When our will is in total alignment with the Divine Will our understanding becomes whole and complete and we gain capacity to see the past, present, and future if need be and if such a knowledge is required for doing good to the person or object which is under study. The divine will then transcends the limits of the personality self which is encased in the world of form and name.

  • Transforming: When Divine Will is transmitting it transforms that which receives its transmission. Human progress out of its ego-centricity to the cosmic centricity is the result of such cooperative and collaborative effort.

  • Transfiguring:The individuals who are assisted through the divine will to grow and transform into real human beings are enabled to seek the Source and in the process develop a global perspective. The individual no more is personal but becomes the transpersonal. Divine Will accelerates our evolution.

Transmitting the energies of Divine Will can help accelerate our and other's evolution. This is however possible only when the transmitting person is connected through proper line of Order of Masters to the 'right channel' that is straight and near most to the Base or God. Without such a connection it can only be delusion or our imagination. Divine support by way of the Divine Will does come when we call upon it with an attitude of yielding and submissiveness even as a servant. This is clearly explained by the Master in his treatment of the subject "suggestion". This is the Divine way.


Bodhayanti Parasparam Volume IV - Page No. 259

The play of the Divine is thrilling when we see that as we get fomented by the Divine Will or Pranahuti it becomes easier to see what we need to do, and energy comes with it to assist us in carrying out the actions that seem indicated. Many of the changes in our consciousness do not appear in concrete form and shape. These expansions of consciousness do not get recognized until months or years later. Once people expand into a new level of awareness, they usually do not remember what they were like before, and take the new consciousness for granted. This is because in advanced persons the Divine Will simply supersedes and becomes their will. The condition appears to be what have always been.


When we say that the Divine Will has become the personal will we do not mean that we are "taken over" by Divine Will, and that suddenly everything will work in our life without our needing to do anything. We live on a planet of free will or Karma Bhoomi, and we are learning how to choose those things that are for our higher good. We are the persons who must take action and carry out the inner directions that are emerging and Pranahuti and Divine Will is always there to assist us in the task that yields maximum good. But this requires that we learn the spiritual discipline of always yielding to the Divine Will.


Once this is done opportunities will come to us, new paths get opened up, and our consciousness continues to expand. Divine way then gently urges us to move in certain directions and make us more attracted to our higher good. Master says one may not be even aware of these changes and the work that one is doing.

Pranahuti in the Divine Way, enter into our life and assists us in transforming our life, linking our personal will with a great force that will add to our power to transform our life. Changes will occur in any area of our life where it is fomented because Divine Will transforms whatever it is transmitted to. However we seem to never know what those changes will be, when they will come, or what form they will appear in. Because of these only repeated sessions of Pranahuti is advised for the individuals in the path. The changes that do come about always bring us closer to the "Divine Blueprint" of our life and to our path of higher evolution.

Aligning with Divine Will ensures transformation of humanity. Most of humanity is not yet able to experience and align with Divine Will, for doing so requires a degree of sensitivity to subtle energies. When even a few people align with Divine Will and live their lives accordingly, these qualities of Divine Will can be known by many, and eventually by everyone. This has been the call of the Master to all his associates and this has been our aspiration too.

Bodhayanti Parasparam Volume IV - Page No.264


Difference between wish and will

It may not be out of place here to mention the difference between wish and will. Wishes, however pious, do not generally yield good results. Will is a concrete idea that is acted upon within a certain spatiotemporal frame. It is the will that is executed into an action through suggestions in a subtle or subtler or subtlest way.

Bodhayanti Parasparam Volume I - Page No.125

Importance of Will in offering Pranahuti

Our Master, Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj of Shahjahanpur stressed the fact that our mind is filled with countless thoughts, and therefore making each individual thought extremely weak. Will enables, instead of these many useless thoughts, to have a single or only one thought and thus ensures that the thought power is concentrated and gains the capacity to have wide influence. This is what we stress in asking aspirants to develop single pointed orientation.

We know that all great men are great because of their ability for strong and focused, thinking. This was the case with saints, scientists and scholars. Adi Sankara, Yajnavalkya, Plato, Panini, Patanjali or Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, Ramanujam or C.V.Raman and many more were all persons, who were conscious of and able to apply their extraordinary powers of concentration to exclude all else but the object of their investigations. That is the special will that Master talks about. Any and every one can develop that to the extent he is capable of, is what our Master assures.

The development of this Will is essential to offer Pranahuti. Pranahuti is always offered with a firm conviction that it works and there is no doubt that is entertained by the transmitter. If there were to be doubt Pranahuti does not occur. Intention or sankalpa is the one truth that is there always. It is the Intention (of God) that is the cause of the universe. It is a spiritual truth that there is an immeasurable and indescribable force and absolutely everything that exists in the entire Universe/Cosmos is connected to it. This is what is called by many as spirit or consciousness. When we are developing our unfailing Will we are only pressing into service this universally available force for the betterment of the quality of life in general. This force is self creating (that is inexhaustible), kind and loving granting peace to all who share it and make everyone in its fold consciously feel the calm that is faintly reflected when a person feels in the lap of the mother.

Though the force is there to be tapped by all, it is only those who have the connection to the source that succeed in making their Will indubitable. One needs to be in harmony with the Source from which all that is, has emanated- what Master calls the Base. 'That we have the power of the source' is the first conviction or faith that is required in the development of the infallible Will. Possibly that is the reason Master repeatedly states that the human mind and divine source are of similar nature.

It is only when we allow our connection to get loosened, and rusty up the link between us and the Source by living at the lower levels of consciousness we loose our capacity for the development of the firm Will. This fact informs us the logic between the purificatory processes that are advised by the Master. Thus we see the cleaning process not only helps us to get rid off the samskaras and impressions we have gathered around us but also for the development of the Will that is most essential in sadhana. The genius of the Master is such that a method he has given us does more than one task.


Bodhayanti Parasparam Volume III - Page No.326