Imperience conducts Research on various claims made by Pranahuti Aided Meditation in a systematic manner. It consists of both academic material and practical factual data. The research done by Imperience can be classified into:


The practical research on the nature of Pranahuti is done through the methods of:

Study of reports given by aspirants on the nature and effect of Pranahuti felt during Guided Meditations.

Research on the efficacy of the system is studied from the reports and diaries of the abhyasis.

Research to substantiate the claim of the nature of Fomentation through Pranahuti from the reports given during workshops.

Research on the advancement and improvement felt by aspirants through the case study method.

Research on the nature of intermediary regions between the knots discovered by the Master through observation of spiritual condition of stagnancy.

Research on the efficacy of Pranahuti by measuring the Inner Balance using electronic gadget.

Scholastic / Academic

Periodical studies on the various concepts given by the Great Master are made based on the material available from the works of the Masters.

Studies are also made to project the various conditions and stages that a person goes through in spiritual life and development of tools for Self Assessment. In the process, the Institute has developed an interesting tool called Game of Life.

Tools for Self-Assessment

Self evaluation on the spiritual advancement of the aspirants are developed


Periodical studies on the various concepts given by the Great Master are made based on the material available from the works of the Masters.

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Game of Life

Life is an interplay of complex matrix of several components. There are some goals to achieve, some aspirations for the sublime, some emotions in the play, some sentiments and relationships at work and the components can be many. Several of these things are at play. There is joy and happiness where there is synergy of these but nay there is also disappointment and frustration when there is non unison in these components. It is a game being played by all either unknowingly or consciously. Play you have to, then why shirk away from it.

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This is also called as Fixed Eye Gazing and is used to improve concentration as well as also to cleanse the eye. Further, this tool is useful to focus on point A or point B or any knot that you would like to locate.

Imperience brings you a simple tool to use Trataka on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet Devices. Please see the instructions below to download the application. Detailed instructions on the technique are included as part of the application.

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