Chitlake Program --28th Sep to 2nd Oct 2019

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The Mokila village about 40 minutes drive from Hyderabad .All arrangements made by Imperience for stay, Prayer and food were excellent. There were 3 sessions of 'Satsang' each day.

Chitlake Reports From Participants

11 of the participants, Serious Sadhakas of the Rajayoga as expounded by Sri Ramchandraji of Shahajahanpur, reached the Mokila village about 40 minutes drive from Hyderabad on 28th September 2019. We all have to be either in meditation or be in silence for 5 days. There were 3 sessions of 'Satsang' each day. Apart from these we sat in Meditation ourselves and also did 'Cleaning' and 'Prayer'. The food was basic, mostly fruits and nuts.

As I was suffering from viral throat infection, it was exhausting and tiring on the first day, but the meditation was giving a 'total blankness'. I was fine physically by 2nd October i.e. 5th day.

The surrounding was full of trees, birds and silence - pure nature. Some days Meditation was like catharsis of the past ? without affecting the meditation. Felt total Silence within. Feeling was to spread the message of the Master, so that everyone could get the same benefit as we did and all should evolve to a higher level of Consciousness. It should be pure love ? total unconditional. Silence is the language of God and we can communicate well in Silence. Much could be achieved in Silence. Purity is essence of the Divinity. As we develop purity, the work we do has greater impact to the world.

We should spend in Spells of Silence frequently. We should generally try to be in Silence in normal days also. We can then understand the working of nature and be part of Nature, with due attachment to everything in the world. Wants will be less. Conflicts will disappear. Peace prevails. We understand the goal of life.

By sincere practice of Sri Ramachandra's Rajayoga - individual effort supported by Pranahuti, we all could achieve the 'Goal'.

Imperiences/ Observations:
Overall feeling Happiness and Tranquillity throughout the program – Free from routine

  • There was forgetfulness of self
  • Feeling Master is inside everything as well as outside.
  • He is infinite and His enormous Love for humanity and thoughts related to His ‘Love’
  • Goal reaffirmation as ‘Complete Layavastha in the Master’


  • Feeling Nature’s silence – serene and soothing
  • It just feels like

There is nothing,
Nothing to worry,
Nothing to think,
Nothing to desire,
Just be in Nothingness – The Master.

  • After morning satsang, 9pm prayer thought was there continuously and feeling deep silence behind.
  • In the afternoon thoughts related office work, other desires. Feeling was ‘Give away everything to Master and everything is contained in the Master’. Only seek Him.
  • In the evening, feeling purity and felt should adopt this type of eating habit in daily life. Realizing Pujya Dr. K. C. Varadachari’s statement “The subtler and spiritual the food that one eats, the more perfect becomes his capacity to respond to Divine force that is always flowing into one.” which was there few days back in the diary.


  • After morning Satsang, deep continuous silence and tranquillity – total silence – just want to remain in it.

02-Oct - Conclusion:

  • Overall I feel that ability to meditate on ‘Divine light in heart’ for longer duration has increased.
  • There were many thoughts coming but ignorance increased and futility of unnecessary thinking over it – is understood.
  • Now mind is more at ease and peace with itself.

This is very important for all the abhyasis to attend so as to experience/ imperience the silence within – our true nature – Master.
I feel that I should attend this every year as well as imbibe ignorance and keeping thought on ‘Divine light in hear’ during free time in daily life.
Special gratitude to Dr. Madhava and Dr. Keshav Reddy for the program. Thanks to Imperience, Br. Konda Reddy, Br. Kishore Pabba for all the arrangements.
It was really useful when Dr. Madhava explained the purpose of the program in the begining as well as reading specific articles of Pujya Sir (as recommended by Imperience) earlier, so as to be ready for the program.

Journey started with registering for ‘Chit Lake Program’ two or three months ago. In mind and heart awareness of that, so very enthusiasm was there and because of that sadhana was also going proper. From around two to three weeks ago started feeling that Chit Lake program preparations started. Felt lots of grace during meditation. Our preparations also started one or two week ago by reducing our activities and reading topics on ‘Silence’ that is required for the program. I was happy at home with thought that in silence will talk with Master a lot. I will try to find my true nature. But here spending about four days in Silence, it was completely different experiences.

Program started on 28/09/2019 and ended on 2/10/2019 after morning Satsang. There were three Satsang daily. Environment of place was very greenery & natural. Before attending to program, fear was there as I have strong craving of coffee in the morning and afternoon, how it will go without that. But when we were at chit lake program not at all any feeling or thought of coffee. Just first morning only felt little headache. All day were perfectly fine. Feel peace & calmness but moreover happy, deeply calm not any kind of worry, attachment, nothing. I find myself more balance than at home. Prayer comes half of time. Just remembrance of Master was there but, not felt grace or absorbed in it like celebrations (that was my expectations). But I learnt later on that this is more intense Program. Also come to know that this is what ‘Silence state’ means. Not much thoughts came during Satsang & daytime. Also not much aware of it also. Service to others only more predominant thought. Just feeling free flow and accepting however it goes. Felt happy helping in food preparations to Brother Kishor. After ending this program felt more energetic, fresh & happy.

Major benefit and effects felt over all after coming home from chit lake program:-

  • Normally women are more emotional and so am I and sometime very deeply go into emotions and takes time to come out of that and it’s create a problem also. So I observed that all Emotions related to relations or anything got purified. More balanced state than before.
  • We take bath to clean our body like that Chit lake program is to clean our Chit- vruttis and purify our mind. It really worked and most of Chit vruttis got purified. Our lower mind thoughts got purified and cleaned. Felt different state of mind with so ease. Felt like remaining in that state all the time and reduce other mundane activities. And felt like remain in Silence after coming back to Pune.
  • Desires got reduced and control over senses increased.

Special thanks to Dr. Madhava Sir for Conducting Chit-lake program, taking care of us and providing us opportunity to attend. All the people are healthy, fresh and Happy.

Will say to all abhyasis, “Everyone should just make themselves available for any such programs and Master’s work to take maximum spiritual benefit of it”.

At the outset I would like to thank the host for providing us a unique opportunity to be with nature, that too so much serene, beautiful landscape with pollution & noise free ambience. This is particularly true for a person like me from Metro city. Brother volunteers from Imperience took every care for our comfortable stay & food conducive to get the most from the programme.

Initial briefing by Dr. Madhava garu helped us to know the background, purpose & expected ways & means to get benefits of the programme. Salient points are about 1) partaking food to minimum as possible 2) feeling presence of God at all the time in our heart as far as possible 3) record honestly how you would manage any (good/ bad) thought that may occur 4) read 10 commandments with due shravan, manan & chintan ways) meditate as frequently as it would mutually help to benefit.

Everyday, 3 Satsangs were conducted by Dr. Madhava & Dr. Keshava garus. For me first one & half day went off in getting settled well. But gradually I could appreciate the glimpses of silence or nothingness that Master bestowed on us through the Trainers. Last 2 days I had stomach ache for which Dr. Madhava promptly provided me the medicines. In fact on arrival only, all the participants were given homeopath pills to immunise us from Dengue fever in view of its recent outbreak in the city.

I would come out of the few worldly thoughts which were nagging me on & off after trying to ignore them amidst the Nature here. On, going around the greenery here, a thought occurred to my mind that see how trees of different varieties in shape, type & size co-exist happily & we can learn from stationary yet live beings of so called low consciousness about how to become a living dead. Our worldly life should be only incidental & nothing more if we have reach somewhere closer to Chit Lake a.k.a. our Master is the message/ lesson I got from this precious programme.

May all other Abhyasis benefit in time to come.

This programme has given me the following situation

  • Continuous meditation
  • Correctness of meditation
  • Steadiness during the meditation
  • crave for spiritual improvement
  • Improvement in understanding of commandments which facilitated me continuous divine thoughts during meditation
  • During this period, it was pleasant and kind of balance was observed.
  • This will facilitate me for regular meditation at the right time, place and asan.
  • Feel of attending this program as and when it is planned

Firstly I want to sincerely thank Dr Madhava, brother Reddy and to all those I don't know their names, for giving me this golden opportunity to come here.

3 months ago, I came to know about this program for my trainer (Prasad Shintre). He gave me general information and suggested to attend it. I thought about it but my decision was not sure. I was encouraged again. My Wife Kavita & I decided to come and booked train reservation.

As days were approaching nearer, i was getting various ideas about this Manassarovar program. Was feeling nervous. How will 4-5 days pass? Felt little fear. However when we reached, the arrangement started from Lingampalli. We 4 from Pune reached at 5AM.
There was low light. I took bath immediately and did meditation. Then had milk and went to Satsang hall. Dr Madhava was present there. He guided us about what is to be done in this program. Then we had breakfast and started sadhana.

I was very happy to see the surroundings. I was truly getting in tune with nature. My confidence increased. I decided that I will be able to surely do the sadhana here. Divine thoughts were coming naturally. As Dr Madhava told that God is everywhere I was doing tune. Little walk, Watching nature sitting in chair, Waling on lawn, sitting and constantly trying to be in the company of divine.

In the afternoon there was Satsang followed by lunch. Lunch had only fruits, rice, dal. I still enjoyed easily. Did not face any difficulty. Took some rest in the afternoon. Then walking intermittently, Reading of Pujya Masters Ten Commandments., Was busy in Contemplation. There was satsang in evening. Then dinner was only fruits, dry fruits etc.

2nd Day - 29 Sep 2019

Meditated after getting up around 4-4.30AM as regular. Then had Milk to warmup. Then there was Satsang.

I had divine thoughts during Satsang. It was automatic, natural.
In the afternoon on second day, had external thoughts but were present for some time only. I forgot about everything while union with nature.

3rd Day - 30/9/2019

Now I am habitual. Routine is obvious and became natural. Felt change in meditation report.

4th Day - 1/10/19

Intermittently there were worldly thought but I was not getting entangled in it and there was no impact at all or I was not holding thoughts. This was happening naturally. There is obvious grace of Master continuously. I was making mistake while tuning with it. 4 days passed easily. I was unnecessarily had some ideas about how will days pass.? No talking, mobile, paper, radio, tea, TV, Friends... Nothing. Just take one step and rest Master will do. Once this is decided what is difficult? Nothing. I Experienced this.

5th Day - 2/10/19
As usual, after Monrning Satsang, breakfast started. While having breakfast, had satsang with Dr Madhava. Lot of queries were answered and felt grateful. Wanted to listen to him continuously. However there was time limit. Then got ready and we were asked to write feedback.

Pranams, I Again want to express gratitude to all

Firstly I want to say thanks to the organizers of Manasarovar program and sincerely thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in this (program). I want to thank Doctor Madhava and his colleagues.

On first day before Satsang, Dr Madhava told us to study three things

  1. Experience by supposing divine light in the heart
  2. Experience that god is everywhere in every particle.
  3. Leave the thoughts which are coming.
  4. Read the Commandments and do the contemplation, meditation & feel constant restlessness. (Nidi Dhyaas)

From first day I started feeling peace.
I was feeling Simplicity very much. I was not getting attracted to anything. I was feeling peace naturally. I was experiencing the grace of the Master. And I was expressing gratefulness to the Master for the same. I felt a lot of simplicity. Even the thoughts came, I was not getting affected by it.

On Second day also I experienced ?silence. I felt that, in the life of Lord Krishna there was simplicity despite (He) being Divine and He liked simple life. That is why He could spend His life amongst Gopi Gopika like a common man. He was making sure that He (Lord Krishna) does not feel great about himself.

On third day, lot of thoughts came and I tried to let them go. Other times I was remaining silent and was observing. And getting the experience of silence. I have experienced simplicity effortlessly.

On 4th day meditation was natural. There was feeling of lot of simplicity. I did not have to control my mind. There was naturalness. The effect of meditation was there for longer time and I was repeatedly expressing gratefulness to the Master automatically.

Once again I want to thank Dr Madhava and his colleagues who allowed me to stay here and allowed me to look towards self. Whosoever here has helped, I want to sincerely thank all of them as well.

For the past 5 days the condition is as follows.

I am feeling lucky to participate in this program. Being in the company of senior brothers and sisters is a good experience.

There were no difficulties felt during the course of stay.

5 days passed away easily and happily

Most importantly the development of the feeling of Love for Master is a very good experience.

It is a memorable and unforgettable experience.

I convey my gratitude to the Institute and its members.