Self Evaluation Tools - Principles of Spiritual Living

Basic Evaluation on Principles of Spiritual Living

This can be used for self evaluation by any aspirant following any system to see where he / she stand in the "Principles of Spiritual Living" given by the Great Master. These principles are given by the Great Master not as a code of conduct but as essential requirements for the people to progress in the spirituality. The suggested frequency of filling up this form is monthly.
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Advanced Evaluation on Principles of Spiritual Living

An Advanced Questionnaire is devised for self evaluation on "Principles of Spiritual Living".
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Pind Desh Self Evaluation Tool


Pujya Babuji Maharaj in His message 'Path of Righteousness' states … "for making one-self deserving one must have his goal and his present position clearly in his view." To know our present position, it will be helpful to understand the levels of consciousness in general and the level in which we are living in.

About the Tool: 

The pind desh tool assists a discerning Abhyasi on the Path of Grace to evaluate their spiritual condition and understand their real standing (Kasbi) in sadhana or how much of the condition is internalized.
Note: This tool while being primarily meant only for the practicants of the system of Pranahuti Aided Meditation does not prohibit other interested seekers in search of a tool to ascertain their level of progress with respect to the Kosas as well their development in their day to day life.
These people are welcome to take the self evaluation and it would be appreciated if they could send us their valuable feedback.


Pujya Babuji Maharaj broadly classified the composition of man into three bodies viz., Gross/ Physical, Astral and Causal bodies. So, in order to know our present position and shortcomings in pind-desh, evaluation is done on how far the progress is made in each of these three bodies. 
Every abhyasi while traversing through the Path of Grace will reckon with knots /brackets /pauses /grandhis /chakras /lotuses /plexuses. These knots have certain unique features, some of which are conducive for quicker and smoother progress while some others retard/slow down the progress through the Knot. The above features, mentioned as Positive attributes and pitfalls in the knots, are clearly elucidated in the book Path of Grace. Evaluation against these knots gives our progress in Astral body. Every knot is associated with one or more of the “Principles of Spiritual Living given by Pujya Babuji Maharaj” as elucidated in Practice and efficacy of Raja yoga – Part-II. Evaluation against the Principles gives our progress in Physical body. Each knot has one or more layers of opacity called Kosas. The kosas relate to the physical, vital, mental, aspirational and blissful aspects of the being The Kosas influence the Knots as given in the book “The five Kosas Role in Sadhana under Pranahuti Aided Meditation” and each Kosa has some parameters indicating freedom and some indicating bondage. Evaluation against the Kosas gives us the progress in the Causal body.

By self evaluating against the above parameters in terms of: how many and how much of the above attributes have been owned up or got over, we should reasonably be able to find the extent of progress in each knot/Kosa and hence in the pind-desh overall. The extent of bias in the evaluation can be reduced by introducing a number of discrete parameters for evaluation and then rating against the same. So, taking all the commonly defined parameters referred above (knots, principles and kosas) and then evaluating against each of them would give reasonably correct picture of the present position. 

Limitations of the tool: 
Spirituality is as wide as Universe and cannot be brought under certain parameters or statements. Out of practical experience of the aspirants in the path, certain conditions or states of consciousness have been identified to indicate the spiritual progress of the person. These parameters are not exhaustive (“..the thing never ends” – Pujya Babuji Maharaj) of all the spiritual conditions obtaining in the various states and stages of progress; therefore, the results of evaluation have to be taken as indications of the progress in the path and more especially the residual progress is to be noted to work with.
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