The system of Raja yoga as given by Pujya. Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj is entirely new, though he has used many words and concepts which appear to have some similarity with those expressed in various traditions. He makes it a point to tell that he has taken the essence of all systems of spirituality and presented it to suit the modern man. The concepts like Tam, Principle of Invertendo, Principle of Parallelism are entirely new. Also, the discoveries of points A and B apart from the Thirteen Knots / points (as contrasted to the six plexuses generally talked about in tradition) he has demarked in the human frame is a research unprecedented in spirituality. The discovery of the Central Region beyond Sahasrara of tradition and the possibility of one to enter into that realm during one's life. It is a challenge that is given to humanity by the Great Master. His classification of super consciousness of the inferior variety (approximately the same as the Overmind of Sri Aurobindo) and super consciousness of the superior variety called by him as D1, D2, D3 and D4 is the first time in spiritual history where super consciousness is classified as belonging to different categories. These concepts are not outcome of intellectual exercise nor are they philosophical in nature but are practical aids in sadhana which only people who practice this system can realize. It is stressed, it is not understanding or knowledge that leads to Realization of the nature of the self and Nature. It is Anubhava or Imperience alone that leads one in the path.

The workshops are essentially meant for persons who have been practicing the system of Pranahuti Aided Meditation. and who would like to have more clarity and understanding of the intricacies of the various conditions that one goes through (Bhog) and cover various topics related to the original researches and practical guidelines given by the Master.

Workshops are periodically under taken by the Institute. Such workshops are being conducted since 2002. The details of the workshops conducted so far are in the Archives

Workshops are meant to help own up the conditions the practicants get during 


The abhyasis who have been practicing at least for three years and have been strictly following the instructions regarding maintenance of records etc., can only participate in workshops. Admission to the workshop is subject to the decision of Imperience.


Study material on the topic of the workshop will be provided free of cost. There will be a lecture followed by 'Question and Answer' session by an adept. This is followed by a meditation guided by an adept which would enable the participants to practically appreciate the condition covered under the topic of the workshop. The abhyasis are requested to give reports after the meditation.


Workshops are periodically undertaken by the Institute. Such workshops are being conducted since 2002. The clarificatory lectures / talks delivered during the workshops are given below. The Study material given during the workshops, will be added soon.

Topic Clarification Talks Talk given by
Thoughts on Nature of Knots Read Pujya Sri. K.C. Narayana
Thoughts on Viveka Read Pujya Sri. K.C. Narayana
Thoughts on Vairagya Read Pujya Sri. K.C. Narayana
Thoughts on Aspiration and Surrender Read Pujya Sri. K.C. Narayana