Meditation on Points 'A' and 'B'


From the left nipple measure two finger width straight towards the right. Then proceed straight downwards upto three finger width. This is the position of point A Further on proceed two finger width more in the same downward direction. This is the point B.

Note: Measurement is to be made with one's own fingers.

Meditation on point 'A':

Fix your attention on the point and think that all men and women of the world are your brothers and sisters. Do this before going to bed for not more than 10 minutes This meditation is highly effective for checking the indulgences of the mind and the improprieties of conduct. Generally ladies do not need of this meditation for they are comparatively free from restless tendencies. 

But if any of them is a victim to it, the process should be advised to her with following modification. She should think all the Divine gifts are available to her and that every man and woman of the world think each other to be brother and sister and she is also with them in this respect.

Meditation on point 'B':

Imagine all your impurities and grossness to be going out from the point towards the front side and from behind it, the glow of the Atman is coming to view. Do this for not more than 10 minutes before commencing your daily practice of meditation. 

Note:- The two meditations on point A and B, as given above are very useful in curing the disturbed tendencies of mind. Since this disturbed condition of mind exists in majority of cases, the two meditations are advised to all the aspirants.