Manasarovar is a place where we swim in Silence.

Imperience organizes focused residential training courses, extending between four to six days, for the abhyasis with an intention to provide the presence of "Silence", the essential Nature of Manasarovar. The locations are selected in places where they are far away from the hustle of the busy cities. Cell phones are requested to be deposited in the office so that the silence can be maintained.

The practicants visit Manasarovar with a goal to clear oneself of the practical problems that puts one into a stage of perceived stagnancy and derive relief which helps in further progress on the path.

Accommodation: dormitory

Medical Facility: During the stay, limited medical facility will be made available


The abhyasis who have been practicing at least for three years can only Visit Manasarovar. Admission to the Manasarovar is subject to the decision of Imperience. The Manasarovar visits are organized based on age groups to ensure homogeneity of the group and registrations are taken in a limited number to ensure focus for each individual.

Manasarovar in Sadhana

Sri Ramchandraji Maharaj is the first person to have located Chit Lake in the human frame. He says "If anybody wants to search out the ocean in the human body, it is the chit lake - the point marked Z" (in the Figure 11).

He further stated that "The vibrations are there and Nature regulates them. It has no concern with the Ajna chakra. The Ajna chakra has some other purpose. It only distributes the power and energy for the consumption of the human organism while the chit lake only works in the thought force. There are different colours found in the people of different mentalities. The grey is the medium colour of an ordinary human being who has risen a little higher. In the case of a perfect human being the colour of the chit lake in the end turn to that of ruby. The ruby colour was discovered by Dr. K. C. Varadachari at Tirupati by his observations and it is entirely correct."

The shade of the colour is difficult to express but the realm of colourlessness starts from here onwards. The vibrations of the chit lake become very low as and when it is thoroughly cleaned and state of calmness or deep quiet is almost similar to the condition of void or sunya. However, to bring the chit lake into moderation is not that easy and persistent labour is required.


Manasarovar Programs

These programs are periodically undertaken by the Institute. Such Programs are being conducted since 2006.

Date Locations Reports
29th Nov2023 - 2nd Dec2023 Jikoji Budhist meditation centre near San Jose, california,USA Click Here
22nd Nov 2023 - 25th Nov2023 Serene ranch in Texas,USA Click Here
25th Dec 2022 - 1st Jan 2023 Mokila village ,Hydrabad Click Here
28th Sep - 2nd Oct 2019 Mokila village ,Hydrabad Click Here
20Nov - 22Nov 2009 Narasingapuram near Tirupati Click Here
10Oct - 12Oct 2008 Narasingapuram near Tirupati Click Here
18Jan - 20Jan 2008 Nagaram near Bhadrachalam Click Here
 23Dec - 25dec 2006  Nagaram near Bhadrachalam Click Here
29Sept - 01Oct 2006 Narasingapuram Village Click Here
11-15 Jan 2006 Kanukunta Village Click Here