Seminars are held on various topics, on a quarterly basis, and are basically of practical interest. The stress is based on practical experience. Seminars are there to share the knowledge as one develops in sadhana living up to the principle of Bodhayanti Parsparam. Seminars and Special discussion are also intensive sessions of training. Seminars lead the abhyasis to the workshops which are sessions of focused study and training.


The abhyasis who have been practicing at least for three years can only participate in seminars. Admission to the seminar is subject to the decision of Imperience.


A seminar starts with the Institute inviting articles on the topic of the seminar from the aspirants one month in advance. The aspirants are requested to furnish their papers at least fifteen days before the seminar date. There will be a lead paper given by one who has been practicing the system for over ten years *.

After presentation of the papers each speaker will be asked for clarifications on the paper and in the process there may be also a group discussion.

The seminar starts at 10:30 AM and ends by 4:00 PM.

Refreshments / lunch will be provided.

*:Suggestions for the topic of the seminar can be given by any one.

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