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The external help {for Bhogam} comes in the form of suffering caused by the wrongs done by others, against which the people generally poison their thought on account of their own ignorance. This is very improper because this action, having helped the process of purification, has in fact put you under a sense of obligation. When this is the case, the work done through an external agency, it may be any, has in other words rendered the function of a true friend. This may seem to be an uncommon approach since this basic philosophy was never taken into account before, for the reason that it came out simply in the form of an advice to take everything as coming from the Lord, so that the feelings of resentment may not arise and one may not lose nobility of character. Thus it is now quite evident that anything that comes to us for our ultimate good, may it be from any medium fills our heart with delight and promotes in us a sense of gratitude. (BWS-161)

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Now I may tell you the position of these things in the human body.The Centre, as explained by me, has got its position on the back side of a manís skull, called occipital prominence. It has connection with the only Real thing. It is the essence of life and has got all the powers essential for the upkeep of the body. It is a pulpy substance less than even a hairís breadth, and the colour is grey like that of dawn, or only its faint reflection as already explained above. The cells or egg-like things described above, near the Centre, are actually found to be present near this point also in the material form. They have their connection with the master cell near the Centre. I am afraid I have not been able to express this idea fully well as it can only be felt or realized, and cannot be expressed in words. I have said enough to express it as far as possible. This is all my research through anubhava or reading of Nature which is due to my making by my Master, who, by his grace, has favoured me with this vision. (BWS-91,92)

When you realise yourself to become one with that state, you have realised the true Reality. There you swim and swim. Nobody knows its end. When this thing comes to you, you feel everywhere plainness, simplicity and calmness. When you begin to live in that state without break even these three things seem to be lost. That means you have no impression of even these things in you. Oneness is reigning now. This is the thing we gain by our elementary practice. See the efficacy of the system and put yourself to work. (BWS-36,37)


I consider orthodoxy to be just like a wall one has erected in front of himself, by which the way is barred. This thing somehow comes. And this defect has come into us by observing the Muslims continuously; otherwise we had such a river flow that not a single particle could stagnate. (SS-294,295)

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