Practical hints on Meditation process by Pujya SriRamchandraji Maharaj

We start with dhyan, meditation, and when we become absorbed in it we reach the preliminary state of samadhi or concentration. This concentration should not be confused with the type of concentration that requires the exertion of willpower..

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Pranahuti (Transmission)

The first and almost immediate effect of the transmission is to give peace and calmness which can hardly be expressed in words. This experience in Meditation helps to gently remind us of the source to which we must return and repeated experience strengthens the remembrance of our original home, and so loosens the bondage of the present life. As the transmission takes us to deeper and deeper ......

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Free Training on Pranahuti Aided Meditation

I.S.R.C in close coordination with Imperience regularly conducts free training course in P.A.M at select centers for freshers. Intersted candidate can register online for the same.




"I assure you positively that it is Raja Yoga and the Raja Yoga alone that can lead you on to your ultimate destination or the highest point of human apporach where you are in perfect harmony with nature, assuming your absolute and purer form." (BWS-211)                --- Pujya Babuji Maharaj

"God has hidden himself in your heart and exposed you, hide youself and expose god!"         --- Pujya Lalaji Maharaj